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Badder (1g) NYC


Badder is a type of cannabis concentrate, named for the texture and resemblance it has to cake batter. It generally has a softer and more malleable texture that can range in from saturated, to a damp wax like crumble depending on the variables during the extraction process. Because of such it can also vary in color from gold to amber and even green.

Diamonds (1g) NYC


Diamonds are another term for the crystaline structure that develope in sauce, a cannibus concentrate known for its glossy runny texture.

THCA Diamonds are the acid pre curser to thc, the most abundnt and intoxicating cannibinoid found in the plant.

Drip Station – Nug Run Sugar (1g)


Sugar, sometimes called “sugar wax,” is a type of cannabis concentrate with a consistency like wet sugar, or sugar mixed with a liquid, but not dissolved. Cannabis sugar is made through chemical extraction, and can be made from dried flower or fresh frozen cannabis plants. Sugar often has a bright yellow or deep amber color.

One of the purest marijuana products, sugar wax, is high in THC, ranging from 60% to 90%.  With high THC content, concentrates like sugar wax are often used to overcome high tolerances and provide the high cannabis consumers are looking for.

Many get sugar wax confused with Shatter, which makes sense because the two are created using the same extraction method. The consistency and sugary texture of Sugar Wax are what differentiate it from Shatter. With its grainy texture, Sugar Wax is rich in flavor, and because it is thicker, it is often easier to handle than other concentrates.

Sugar wax can be created both by accident and on purpose. How? Well, sugar wax can develop over time when the lipids in the wax begin to break down and separate from the cannabinoids, thus causing the wax to crystallize. Today, dabbers tend to prefer sugar wax’s flavor profile and texture, and therefore, some concentrate manufacturers intentionally produce it.

Drip Station 1g Live Resin NYC


Live resin is a cannabis concentrate made from fresh-frozen cannabis plants, in which plants are frozen immediately after harvesting, whereas other extraction processes typically use buds that have been dried and cured. This process ensures a greater retention of terpenes in the finished product.

Live resin is a more malleable concentrate, sitting somewhere between a wax and a sauce—not quite like taffy yet not too wet. It is typically dark yellow in color but can vary from light yellow to white.

Live Resin (1g) NYC


Bold, Flavorful & Smooth

Live resin distinguishes itself from other types of cannabis concentrates because it is created with fresh frozen cannabis—plants that are frozen immediately after being cut down at harvest. These plants are kept frozen throughout the extraction process and skip the drying, curing, and trimming phases of harvesting.

Potency: 70% – 80%




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