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Delve into a realm of sophistication with RUT NY, Forest Hills’ premier weed delivery service. RUT NY transcends the basic delivery model, offering an enriching experience for those who indulge. Our exclusive collection of cannabis products is tailored for the discerning tastes of true aficionados.


Venture into an exquisite domain of refinement and class with RUT NY, the leading weed delivery service in Forest Hills. At RUT NY, we go far beyond the standard expectations of delivery, providing an experience that elevates and enriches every moment of your indulgence. Our service is not just about bringing cannabis to your doorstep; it’s about delivering a gateway to a more sophisticated experience, where every selection is a testament to quality and luxury.

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Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am -9pm
Sunday: 10am -6pm

  • Green Zone: $50 Minimum
  • Blue Zone:  $100 Minimum
  • Orange Zone: $100 Minimum
  • Purple Zone: $150 Minimum

Queens Service Area

Why Our Clients Love Us

Top quality service and haze!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Big fan of Harlem 21 and grapefruit piff!

Shinobi G

At the Ready Service

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Provides on demand concierge service consistently, during all opening hours, across every area of delivery. Have ordered from multiple addresses and delivery areas; each time I’ve received helpful and near immediate service. Can’t recommend them enough!


Quick, Easy and good products

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Ordered today. Sales associate made it a quick and easy process. The driver was fast and efficient. Product is good. Will order again.


1/8th Flower

Premium selection of indoor flower. 8th Jars

Half Oz Flower

Premium selection of indoor flower. Half Ounce Jars

Oz Flower

Premium selection of indoor flower. Ounce Jars

Prerolled Joints

Enjoy out top-shelf flower in a convenient preroll ready to smoke upon delivery.


Try our high quality vapeable products. we offer 510 thread cartridges and disposable pens.


A broad menu of quality concentrates and dabables. Wax, Shatter, Butter, Live resin


Edibles and consumables for everyone. chocolate, tinctures and gummies.



Rep the hottest cannabis brand in in New York. Check out our selection of merch.

Special Deals

Shop our weekly specials and discounted items.

Forest Hills Cannabis Delivery

Introducing RUT NY – Elevating Your Cannabis Journey in Queens

Climb to the apex of cannabis delivery with RUT NY, your elite choice for a high-end weed delivery experience. We strive to surpass the ordinary by enhancing your cannabis journey. Our curated selection is specifically designed to meet the lofty expectations of the most selective cannabis enthusiasts.


Unveil Our Elite Selection:

  • Indoor-Grown Cannabis: Uncover the unparalleled quality and potency of our indoor-cultivated strains.
  • Pre-Rolled Joints: Savour the fusion of convenience and premium quality. Our top-tier prerolls are crafted for your immediate pleasure.
  • Vapeables: Experience the refined taste of our 510 thread cartridges and disposable vape pens for a smooth, enjoyable vaping session.
  • Concentrates: Delve into our comprehensive array of concentrates – including Wax, Shatter, Butter, Live Resin – engineered for maximum purity and strength.
  • Edibles: Revel in our extensive assortment of edibles, from succulent chocolates and gummies to tinctures, all designed to cater to any palate.
  • Merchandise: Flaunt your allegiance to Forest Hills’ leading cannabis brand with our distinctive merchandise line.

Why RUT NY Stands Out for Cannabis Delivery in Forest Hills?

Dedication to Privacy

Your privacy reigns supreme at RUT NY. Specializing in discreet and efficient delivery, we ensure your experience remains private and confidential. Catering to those who prefer discretion, professionals, or anyone valuing privacy, our service is meticulously designed to meet your needs with utmost care.


Assured Reliability

Bid farewell to the uncertainty of delivery times. RUT NY epitomizes reliability. We cherish your time as much as you do, committing to timely deliveries consistently. Our pledge is accurate delivery timing, every time, eradicating any doubts.


Exceptional Assortment of Premium Products

RUT NY presents a vast array of the highest caliber cannabis products, ranging from cherished classics to the newest trends. We continuously update our inventory to provide access to the finest cannabis quality.


Proven In-House Quality

Your trust is vital to us. That’s why RUT NY is proud to offer products of unmatched quality, all produced in-house. Our extracts are crafted with precision and expertise, resulting in a supremely potent product. This commitment allows us to assure the excellence of every product we deliver.


More Than Just Delivery

Opting for RUT NY signifies choosing a holistic cannabis experience. Our knowledgeable team is ready to walk you through our offerings, provide expert advice, and tailor recommendations to fit your lifestyle.


Effortless, Swift, and Reliable

RUT NY simplifies the ordering process, ensuring a fluid experience with each order. Our online platform and dedicated customer service make selecting the perfect products easy. With our effective delivery service throughout Forest Hills, your premium cannabis adventure is just a few clicks away.


Discover the RUT NY Distinction

Join the ranks of satisfied clients in Rockland County who trust RUT NY for their cannabis delivery needs. Experience the convenience, variety, and confidence our service provides.


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